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Vezetői önindító


A vezetés leghasznosabb elméletei gyakorlati köntösben, a résztvevők saját esetein keresztül.

A résztvevők könnyen alkalmazható vezetői eszköztárat kapnak a mindennapokhoz és a nehéz helyzetek kezeléséhez, ezeket már a tréningen gyakorolják.

A program célja a tudatosabb és hatásosabb vezetői működés, ezt a tréner mellett az intenzív egymástól tanulás is támogatja.

Töltse le a program ismertetőjét INNEN.



With the cooperation of the Institute of Management at Corvinus University of Budapest and the leading players in the Hungarian organization development market, Flow Hungary and OD Partner Consulting, the program offers the best national and international executive level HR Business Partner practices for its students.

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Flow Management Academy

What is Flow Management Academy?

Opportunity to unfold your leadership talent

"I want to manage the company in a manner that my colleagues feel the same sense of ownership that I do. How should I do that?"
"We start a bunch of interesting stuff and never follow through. What would it take to complete what we set out to do?"
"I have the feeling almost every night that although I have worked all day I have not progressed at all. How could I improve my effectiveness?"
"If I tell my subordinates I am not satisfied with them, they see it as an attack. What should I tell them so as to get recognized that I want to help?"

These are familiar headaches of managers and finding the right answer is not always easy. The program of our Flow Management Academy seeks and offers solutions for similar situations.

It was its means of production that a company drew its competitive advantage from 100 years ago. 50 years ago it was technology, in the past 10 years it was information, now and in the future its talented people. We have established the Flow Management Academy to help key people in organizations unfold their leadership talent. We have developed our program series based on 15 years of experience in organization development and have already launched and completed it 6 times.

The bowling modell

The modules cover the full spectrum of leadership as illustrated by the model below:

If you

  • work for a small or medium sized company as a shareholder or manager,
  • work for a large enterprise as a senior or medium level manager,
  • are not yet a manager but expect to be promoted to management position in the near future,

it is worth expanding and sorting out your existing leadership knowledge and developing your management skills.

Trainig structure

  • includes 9 sessions of training and lasts 1 year;
  • starts with 1 two-day workshop and continues with 8 one-day workshop sessions;
  • provides participants with a set of easy to master management tools they can apply immediately in practice;
  • leads to immediately measurable results.

Modules are scheduled to follow each other monthly and participants connect them based on individual action plans while testing the subject matter of training sessions in practice between sessions. An important program component requires participants to feed back to the learning group and share their experience with each other.

We also offer individual consulting sessions upon request. Participants can have meetings with their trainers between modules so that they can smoothly implement what they learn and apply it more effectively in their daily work environment.

The modules of the Flow Management Academy cover the following topics:

  • Introduction (Management and vision)
  • Knowing people
  • Cooperation, relations, conflict management
  • Performance management
  • Communication
  • Managing organizational changes
  • Institutionalizing change
  • The manager and the powers of the organization
  • Personal efficiency