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Challenge in training

Only 15% of participants (1 of 6) who participate in a training course use their new knowledge at work. They contribute positively to results.

70% want and try to use their newly acquired knowledge, but despite strong internal motivation fall back into their old patterns of behaviour. The remaining 15% doesn’t even bother trying.

Our trainers at Flow Consulting Group feel that there are changes to be made.

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We believe in effective training:

A corporate training course creates value when the learned theories are implemented in every day work. We know from different researches, that there are no connection between knowledge and training.

Simply put, we need external help to be successful, since nothing happens by itself.

That is why we are using innovative technology to be able to inspire the participants and give better, measurable results to our partners.


Measurement is part of the process:

It’s said that what gets measured gets done. We are supporting our development programs with Promote ®, this software makes newly learned behaviours visible.

It involves the managers, motivates the participants and makes the whole learning process measurable.

Promote® raises the level of learning transfer in connection with our training programs.

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