FlowHR – Strategic HR Support

With many years of senior HR experience and a background in operational development, our consultancy team is able to support our clients by integrating the hard and soft side of HR development. We collaborate to develop an HR strategy that effectively supports a high performing and “in flow” organisation. We also take an active role in implementation.


Professional Development of HR Teams and Individuals

Why grow with us?

Because we teach it in a way that we have done it in many places and in many ways before. We have a combined total of over 48 years of HR professional experience and 37 years of HR management experience across 6 industries. We offer practice-oriented training presented through real business situations, designed to help you achieve greater business impact through a broader toolkit.

Who are our HR training courses for?

For HR professionals and HR managers who already have HR experience but want to acquire a more comprehensive and deeper knowledge of the subject. For those who want to gain practical knowledge and a broader strategic vision of the HR professional subject that can be used in a variety of situations.

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